WhatsApp New version Updates – Whatsapp New updates


WhatsApp new version updates

Friends In today’s post we are going to tell you about the whatsapp new version updates, which you can use to increase your WhatsApp Experience.Whatsapp in his application Has brought something new. today we will tell about them only.

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Group description

Friends, it is not new to anything but whatsapp has updated it then I am telling you.If you have any WhatsApp group then it will work in it. As you write statuses in your profiles, in the same way you can either describe your group or write a status. You can add this option from the group Info in your group from there.

WhatsApp new version updates
WhatsApp add descriptions

Calling switch

In it, Whatsap has given you fantastic features because if you do it for whatsapp calling it, then it is for you.What will this feature get? In this, if you are talking on the audio call, then you can switch it to video calling without ending the call.For more information, you can read the blog WhatsApp.

list of group participants

To use its features, you will have to go to Group Info and you will find the option to search for one of the participants.With this feature, you can quickly remove the message that the Negativity is spread in the group.

WhatsApp new version updates

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WhatsApp new version updates