Vodafone and Nokia selected Italy for 5G trails

5G trail

Vodafone 5G trail Italy

Slowly the internet continues to grow and the world is becoming an Internet addict. Since the world has got 4G services, the popularity of the people has increased for 5G, but now the telecom company has now started trials of 5G.After the trial of Airtel, Vodafone is now planning to collaborate with Nokia, but the trial will be done in Italy.

Vodafone and Nokia selected Italy for 5G trails

In a statement from Nokia said that with Vodafone Italy, we are going to test 5G, which will provide good emergency services, traffic management etc in Milan.Nokia and Vodafone have started working on this, for which antenna, radio station is being prepared which will help the test be successful

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Nokia has also created some new tools for the 5G Test, which will lead to more speed and test success.It is now possible to get 5C services in India sooner.