Top 5 oldest university in India – list of oldest university

oldest university in india

Oldest university in India

Top 5 oldest university in India :: – Hello Guys , Today we are talking about of Top 5 oldest university in India. Well there is a lot of university in India now but the ones we talk about are oldest university.

Everyone will go a little bit about when they were made and how long they opened.

oldest university in india

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Nalanda University

Nalanda University is currently in Bihar, here quite a lot of students are still studying. This university was created in the 7th century, in which people of Buddhist religion used to study. But during the reign of Allauddin, it was tried to burn completely. Later, it was rebuilt in 1950 and studies started. Here people of Buddhism come here.

Serampore College

Its started by William Carey, Joshua Marshman and William Ward in 2018.It was turned into a University in 1829 and it was the first institution in India which was Made as a university.In this Teacher’s are taught all kinds of subjects.It was Famous College at the time of British.

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

This college was opened by British in 1847. Its credit goes to Governor James Thomason.It was founded an university in 1949.After this, it was given IIT in 2001.It is currently known as IIT Roorkee.

University of Mumbai

This college was opened by British in 1857.Its campus was placed at a different place.

  • Thane Campus
  • Fort Campus
  • Rajabai Clock Tower
  • Ratnagiri Campus

University of Madras

Its Established in 1857.Now,109 affiliated colleges and 52 approved research institutions connected with This university.All the big leaders have come out of this university.This University Have all Fauclty.

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