Top 3 Great & Best prime minister India – Best pm in india

best prime minister India

Best prime minister India

best prime minister India :: Hello Everyone, Today we are discussing about best prime minister India. It has been a lot of time for India to free. the Prime Minister who came and left Pm seat but today is going to tell you the Best Prime Minister in Indian History.

We will disturb all the ministers by their good work But before doing some things. In India, it has also been some prime minister, who kept his work first and then the house, but corruption is now everywhere.

best prime minister India

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Let us now talk about them and know who is the “best Prime minister in Indian History”.

Top 3 best prime minister India or best prime minister In Indian History

Indra Gandhi

India Gandhi was a good Prime Minister of his thoughts, he breathed a little about 15 years and she ran a lot of schemes.The Indra Awas Yojana has been very successful and it is still going on that he led the war with Pakistan in 1971.

Atal bihari Vajpayee

They were quite good because they led India in the battle of Kargil. They remained prime minister for 5 years. He brought new schemes in India, which gave employment to the people. 

Narendra modi

Narendra Modi is currently the Prime Minister of India. He has not taken any leaves yet and has been engaged in investment of companies in India so that the people who are unemployed can get employment. There is magic in the speech of Modi ji, so that all the countries are ready to work with him in India..

I hope you like this article “Best prime minister India”. I told you which Prime Minister but I have not told them in full details. All of these will soon get a post.