Shri devi dead – Big bad News for Fans

Shri devi dead
Shri devi dead

Shri devi dead

Very sad news for Shri devi Fans and supporters. Because Now Shri devi dead.

Shri devi was famous actress in India. She made many Films in bollywood. She worked  with different – different actors.

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She was only one female star in India . She started his career in bollywood from 1975 . she got married with Bonny Kapoor. And She had a daughter Khushi. Shri devi dead only 54 age , Her family is now very sad.

Shri devi dead
                                  Shri devi dead

In 2013,Indian government awarded her with payday Shri modal. Parameter Shri is fourth highest civilian honour .

Bollywood had awarded her with Filmfare award 2 times. She was not making any films from last year.

All bollywood Community is very sad and Give Consolation her family.

I  hope you will miss Shri devi because this is only one of them that she got 2 Filmfare award.

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