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How to Get good marks

This article is for those who want to read and want get good marks in the exam. Everybody in the exam wants to bring good marks and work hard too. o in today you will give some tips for how you can get good marks.

Today we will talk about him like full tricks and it will start with your awakening, how you can do it in Exam Time. You can get 99% marks from these tricks.

Time management

Time management is the biggest factor in the exam time. In the first time, you will have to wake up early in the exam time. You have to wake up at 4 o’clock. After that, after clean your mouth and drinking tea or coffee. After that you have to walk out for 5 minutes so that your mind will be completely freshened and your sleep will be completely opened.

After roaming you have to sit for study on the chair so that you will not get lazy. You do not have to read more than 2 hours after doing all this.

Food and water

Food makes a lot of difference in Exam Time.If you want to stay fit for the exam then you should eat health food and drink the filter water. Feed the food at least so that you do not have any problem in reading, there are many who eat weight food which makes them sleepy.


Yoga does not suit everyone in Exam Time because all the time is wasted but nothing happens.By doing yoga, the brain gets in balance, which makes the study feel good.So I’m suggesting that every student should definitely do yoga.

Study time

There should be a fix for studying so that we can complete our Topics or Maths Exercises in a timely manner.You should also give some time to books by eating food and Yoga.

Fix time table

  • After yoga, you have to spend a minimum of 2 hours with book
  • After can rest 2 – 3 hours
  • After You can read (3PM – 6PM)
  • Walk on side from home and eating Food
  • You can read only 2 hours (8PM – 10PM)

Sleep Well

Time of exam is quite tensioned, in which the students do not sleep properly. But it is very necessary to rest a dim in the exam time and take good sleep. If you take a good night’s sleep, you will remember All questions & answers. Due to examination, the Mind should be kept free of charge because it will make you feel very good, you will feel healthy.

Before exam paper

Now it comes to the exam paper because this day you have a lot of tension for exam paper and you are reading much more. But if you do not keep books for 2 hours before the start of the exam then you will gradually forget about whatever you remember. So I am suggesting that you do not read anything before 2 hours the beginning of the Exam Paper.

I hope you like it but you use it, you can also gain 100% of marks in excuses. Keep searching for this for a Med-Rate post. and more about the latest page news . you can use all thing perfectly than you get good marks your all subjects.

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