Google Tez released latest chat feature – Tez chatting features


Google Tez released latest chat feature

In this article we are talking about of Google Tez released latest chat feature. Everyone knows that Google Tez is a payment app. Google has launched this last year . we are telling you Tez app latest version.

Google Tez released latest chat feature

Wars Between Paytm and WhatsApp, New latest chat feature has been added to Google Tez. This feature is being transmitted to the users in a phased manner. By this feature, users will be able to send money Via chat. Primarily users will be able to use it in the context of payments made by Google Tez.

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WhatsApp, lately WhatsApp was testing the new payment feature in India and these changes by Google are being brought right after whatsapp payment feature. By Google confirmed to media that the chat feature has been released for the latest version app.

statement given to Gadgets 360, Google said that we have added a feature in Tez app, so that users can send and receive simple chat messages to their contacts in the context of the Panamates and receive them.

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This feature has not yet been available to all Google Tez users. It is slowly being transported to the people. For use this feature, both users should have the latest version of the Tez app. An app specifically for this feature has been given a button.

In November 2017, Paytm had added a dated chat platform named inbox. There were options for sharing photos, videos and location.

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Google Tez released latest chat feature