How to earn YouTube Money and Increase YouTube revenue


YouTube Money And Increase YouTube Revenue

Youtube money and increase revenue :: — Friends today we have to talk about YouTube Money. You will see many videos on youtube but you know that you can also earn money by uploading videos like this and increase your youtube revenue earnings.

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So today we talk about how to upload videos to your videos or other YouTube channels.

Why does YouTube give us money

Friends, if you have been seen advertise in many places or on websites, the All ads or out of some are from Google itself.Different companies from the world give money to promote their business by Google, so that They want more customers or visitors from you can earn money from YouTube if advertisements are showing on the your YouTube Video.

How to upload videos

First you have to create one channel on youtube. After that, you get the option of video uploding which enables you to upload your video.

Make video?

You can create videos on any of the categories you know, so that your YouTube channel also grows and you also make money.If you want to do video of any other channels, you can download and upload them But later you will have to provide a link to the channel from which you downloaded the video(in the video’s description).

How to earn money

Friends To earn money, you must have a Google Adsense account for your channel.You must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time(last 1 year) on your channel to get Google AdSense account approved. After all this, you can get monitization for your channel so that you can increase your YouTube revenues.

Youtube award?

If you do a great job on your channel, then YouTube will give you the award on your behalf, which is called the Creator Award, which is the award

1,00,000 subscribers ——  YouTube Silver play button

10,00,000 subscribers —– YouTube gold play button

100,00,000 subscribers —— YouTube diamond Play Button

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